AWS Performance testing with JMeter

Performance, load and stress testing with JMeter

As seen in previous post, monitoring cloud applications is very crucial to your business.

How will your webserver behave under heavy load? to which physical limits will your infrastructure break?

AWS Cloudwatch Dashboard

The highest peak below are due to 10’000 requests done by 5 simulated users during 8 minutes

JMeter Results

Testing 2 WordPress web posts under heavy loads (10’000 requests in total) returns stable http responses¬† during the 8 minutes performance testing window.

JMeter settings for 5’000 requests on 2 webs posts:

In summary, a WordPress page will load in about 241 ms on AWS under any web traffic

From this article, we have learnt that hosting a WordPress CMS or a Webshop on AWS cloud is a robust solution to provide high responsive web application. Since JMeter results can be biased due to desktop GUI CPU usage, it would be better to run JMeter in Non-GUI mode and distributed over n VMs.

jmeter -n -t test.jmx -l test.jtl


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